Smart and Secure Campus Solutions

Smart and Secure Campus Solutions

Security management systems and student management systems are combined to provide integrated smart portal solutions and entry-exit security solutions to offer smarter and safer services for campus and students needs. Whether its distance education or usage of mobile devices and tablets with the smart campus solutions, users are able to access context-free of “time, place and brand”.

• Personnel Entry-Exit Tracking System;
• Visitor/Guest Entry-Exit Tracking System;
• Student Entry-Exit Tracking System;
• Smart Lesson System;
• Distance Learning System;
• Prepayable marketing Tracking System;
• Turnstile passing Control System;
• NEXUS Information System;
• Vehicle and Guest Control System;
• Canteen Tracking System;
• Dinnig Hall Tracking System.

Smart Transition System

A transition authorization procedures can be controlled and established at predetermined points (gate, barrier, tourniquet, etc.) within the campus. In addition, it is possible to track and record time-interval, through which place and which person / vehicle has passed.

Smart Education System

All the infrastructure, cabling, wireless, backup solutions starting from PC, Notebook, Tablet devices and ending with data center is a set of services that provide software solutions and integrations at the application layer whereas services provided.