Smart Technology System Solutions

With the developing technology, in order to use the road network capacity efficiently, we provide the system which manages the traffic automatically with the data related to the road and the weather forecast.

• Traffic Engineering (Road State Analysis);
• Compatible Solutions according to the road conditions;
• Remote control and data collection stations;
• Compatability with the alternating communications system;
• Electronic Control Systems Installation (Speed Radars, License Plate Identification System, Mean Speed Corridors, Warning Systems, Accident Detection Systems);
• Video Image Capture and Processing Systems;
• Web / Mobile Device Information Systems;
• Control Center Design and Installation;
• Instant and average speed controls, variable are automatically imported via route road and traffic conditions, weather data, required warnings, redirects, variable message and traffic signs with managing traffic within the scope of the work automatically.

Security management systems and student management systems are combined to provide integrated smart portal solutions and entry-exit security solutions to offer smarter and safer services for campus and students needs. Whether its distance education or usage of mobile devices and tablets with the smart campus solutions, users are able to access context-free of “time, place and brand”.

• Personnel Entry-Exit Tracking System;
• Visitor/Guest Entry-Exit Tracking System;
• Student Entry-exit Tracking System;
• Smart Lesson System;
• Distance Learning System;
• Prepayable marketing Tracking System;
• Turnstile passing Control System;
• KIOSK Information System;
• Vehicle and Guest Control System;
• Canteen Tracking System;
• Dinnig Hall Tracking System.

Smart Transition System

A transition authorization procedures can be controlled and established at predetermined points (gate, barrier, tourniquet, etc.) within the campus. In addition, it is possible to track and record time-interval, through which place and which person / vehicle has passed.

Smart Education System

All the infrastructure, cabling, wireless, backup solutions starting from PC, Notebook, Tablet devices and ending with data center is a set of services that provide software solutions and integrations at the application layer whereas services provided.

All the production processes are controlled with Smart Systems companies; With this system, increasing power of life with efficiency and flexible production. Along with it, the functioning of the factory is monitored online and enables the efficiency analysis supply of the regular report.

In smart factories, the latest Technologies are used in many stages, from product design and procurement to production delivery. These Technologies include factory managemet software, enterprice resource planning (ERP) software, and various automation Technologies in a wide system ranging from automated testing to automatic sorting and automated warehousing.
With the continiously monitoring and updating of the smart factory, it enables to perform productions without defects and conduct solitary execution (quality), faster, achieving the most accurate and fast result production development, providing the increase of development while decreasing the cost. Smart Factory procure the system which prevents any errors that may occur and affect the product, before it goes in realization.

In Smart Conference Hall and Meeting Rooms, all kinds of needs are considered in accordance to the participants. It is possible to create an integrated solution with the smart boards, smart displays, video conferencing systems, IP cameras, professional projection devices, audio systems, insulation systems, control system, light systems and specially designed furniture.

With the electronic writing boards and interactive LCD screens, it is possible to save meeting notes using any of the file format and send it via e-mail to the participants. These systems, are able to work integrated with the video conferencing systems that allows to make audio and video meetings due to remote Access and share your meeting notes simultaneously. In addition to this systems, it is able to perform more effective presentations with the document camera, projection device and sound systems.

Designing a classroom in many dimensions from functionality to architechture; By using visual and auditory smart Technologies due to increase the efficiency and quality of education and lessons comprehension.

Smart classrooms integrated alike video conferencing systems including smart boards, projectors, IP cameras, document cameras, audio and microphone systems, control and security units, server and student computers.

Students can easily access to any kind of information throughout the World and share it comfortable inside or outside the classroom. All equipments are managed from a central control room.

ARD INFORMATICS in line with its objectives such as institutional, academic, and social awareness, presenting interactive, sustainable learning environment that is accessible at all times, from near and far, fast and strong, rich in content within international standards.

Distance education solutions developed for the e-content creation, which can be used in e-learning programs developed by educational departments of institutions that accelerates and facilititates the transition of lessons. Subject matter experts will be able to transfer their subject expertise by using educational technolgy methods through the provided templates. Thus e-content costs are lowered and adopted to the sustainable process. Provided rapid, low-cost, effective solutions that increase training capacity, by making it possible for e-learning institutions with the little investment.

We provide an innovative, comfortable and secure life obtained on an infrastracture, security and social services integrated with technology in business, culture and life centers.

With the developing technology, our World becomes a “SMART” structure. The beginning of this transformation is considered as Smart Cities. ARD Informatics provides data, infrastructure, sensors and energy services, and solutions.

• Smart state applications,
• Smart Education,
• Smart Security,
• Smart City,
• Smart Energy,
• Smart Infrastructure,
• Smart Health,
• Smart Buildings,
• Smart Technologies
And smart cities can be passed on.

With the increasing number of vehicles and waste of time coming with it, fuel consumption and increased carbon emissions can be avoided by using Smart Traffic Applications.

The traffic applications that will take part in the smart city concept, enables to solve the problems such as information Technologies and traffic / transportation.
With the allocation of sensors at the certain points on the roads, the system is able to inform the speed, position etc. and if there is a stuck in a traffic, it provides an alternative road solutions. Accordingly to the traffic situation, period of signaling can be changed. Accidents or obstacles that can affect the traffic flow, the system makes rapid and effective interventions.

The status of the public transportation system is available online. In this regard, the most appropraite settings is possible. The usage of vehicles with the no need of driver, can be overcome within the electronc lines that can be paved to the roads. Running fast, efficient and safe traffic will be a part of a Smart City.