Operations Center and Security Solutions

“Security”, “emergency response” and “traffic” focused problems that have been occured in cities in the recent years, such kind of problems pushed to find solutions in this direction.
By means of developing Technologies, emergency intervention, disaster coordination, traffic guidance, safety precautions, emergency interventions etc. The creation of high-tech control and management units has become a necessary requirements.
Upon this requirements, the solutions that enable the process to be coordinated from a single center by monitoring and evaluating the images and data obtained by the cameras placed in the urban densities through high technology equipments and personnel experts which are located in these centers assure overcoming the problem.

In the direction of superior Technologies developed for the provision of area security, with our security solutions at the point of active control and the security of passing point control, we provide maximum surveillance in all open and closed areas.

• Security Camera Systems
• Card Access Systems
• Turnstile Systems
• Security Detectors
• Barrier Systems
• Safety Staff Control System
• Biometric Systems

IP Cameras

IP cameras, is a type of camera that can be used either wired or wireless by using internet or network connection to monitor and record intended places from afar, which plays a major role in ensuring area security. IP cameras have many features such as programmability, image recording and alarm-motion detection.

Motion Sensitive Wireless Cameras

It is an advanced imaging tool that allows to monitor difficult to access areas where is no GSM, internet or network communication or electonic connection. The camera triggeres by a motion which enables to start of taking videos and pictures. When there is sufficiency of light, it is able to take a black and white picture with the infrared flash. Infrared flash functioning completely silent and latent. It can take more that 3000 shots with a single charge.

Long Range Cameras

With the instant notification of security breaches coming into the wide open space, real-time and preventive security services provided. The latest advances in thermal imager with the combined advanced image processing, allows thermal cameras to deliver clear images without being affected by rain, humidity, fog and sparkling sunlights. Also image processing breaches are detected with high accuracy without being affected by wind and small animals.

Thermal Cameras

In consists of lenses and sensors that measures the thermal energy emitted from the objects. These high-tech devices that sense temperature models in the infrared wavelenghts spectrum, without direct contact with the equipment. The imporatance of these devices has increased with the development of heat-guided missiles, night vision systems and similar millitary techniques.

Night Vision Cameras

The IR illumination LED’s are switched on light sensors in the environment where the light falls below a certain level. In the darkness it sends infrared rays onto the objects. The rays reflected from the objects, which are converted into images by the camera and transmitted to the motion.

Security Forces, Gendarmeire – Millitary Units, Municipalities – Police officers, Fire Brigade and Search and Rescue teams; is a security system provided with a small size collar cameras designed for use in patrol, sudden and social intervention situations. Collar cameras; Is a user-friendly, high-tech security system that can record image, audio and video, along with the night vision might well record in the most difficult conditions.

• Full HD recording capability during the Office hours.
• Numereous Photo recording Capacity.
• High Resolution Image Quality.
• 3G and WiFi Snapshot Transfer.
• Instant Viewing with Mobile Smart phones.
• IP68 waterproof, dustproof and anti-drop.
• Infrared night vision recording capability.
• In continious use minimum 10 hours charge time, functioning 1 week in stand-by mode.
• Traceability, wipeable and transferable by the authorized people.
• Infrastructure provided by cloud architechture. (Optional)

By using H264 code technology and P2P protocol connection, IOS, Android or Windows operating systems within computers or smart phones are available for online viewing from anywhere. It is able to determine the allocation of the collar camera combined with the GPS feature (optional).

Full HD is an user-friendly camcorder that can be used in the most demanding conditions with the solubility to record continiosly at 30 frame recording speed with the adjustable attachment to the collar or car kit.

Whereby to the Information Warning and Alarm Systems, that ensure to follow up both temporal factory transactions, warehouses and other systems, as well as the precautions to be taken against the possible hazards.

• Materials in the stockpiles warning up due to the critical stock levels when it is necessary.
• Automatic monitoring of transactions that should be done on a company basis at a intended time intervals with the help of macros.
• To send required information at the intended time intervals to the intended person via SMS or IVR.
• In case of emergency such as fire, robbery etc. the system warns and alarms the required person with the such warning modules .
ARD INFORMATICS accomodates many more modules such these within it’s smart techology solutions.

Security Detectors

In places with heavy human circulations; it is preferred in cases where individual control of critical objects such as packages, bags and suitcases whereby occur of such situations that may lead to the loss of time and holding the transition flow. With the operational principles, security detectors are used to detect metal crime objects that people may hide in. If a person carries a metal object, by using X-Ray device or frisk detector due to the intensity of the incoming voice, the light or the vibration, security officer is warned and provide more detailed seeking of those people. Thus, an object can be regarded as a criminal element and deactivated without entering the building.

Barriers System

It is the most fastest and effective solution to avoid all types of unwanted or uncontrolled entries or controll the entry and exit of the gateway. Whereby the arm barrier, rising bollard and trap barrier systems, superior safety precautions are provided in terms of assasination, terrorism etc. based on creating effective security in places where is the risk of attack may occur due to the unwilling of entry and exit of vehicles.

Biometric Transition Systems

Biometric solutions developed due to security vulnerabilities that may result from card usage which provides transition control by recognizing persons charachteristics upon biometric characteristics. By use of data measurment methods, this system provides absolutely accuracy such as face recognition, fingerprint recognition and finger vein recognition.

Security Personnel Tour Control System

With the developed systems, security of the area is provided by observation of the assigned security personnels. It is a computer based control system which determines the staff in charge of the area safety and specify the exact security point and time-scale should be checked and the received data reported automatically via software.

Turnstile Systems

Entrance control allows to keep under control and hold in check a person or a group of people in a particular location. Tournstile control systems used as a control point in an entrance and can be used with the integration of product devices such as smart card readers, fingerprint readers, encrypted input devices, face recognition devices, and handprint reading devices.

Card Entrance Systems

This is a system whereas therefore the entrance and exit safety prioritize in buildings, workplaces, shopping malls and places similarly to these. With this system it is possible to control the entry and exit of working staff, working hours, prevention of unpermitted accession, controlled entrance and private area entrance.

Customhouse Gates, Customs Transit, Dormitories, Ministries and Police Departments, which require absolute security measures, we provide integrated Biometric Identification Systems regarding to this entrance controlled by fingerprinting, finger vein recognition and facial biometrics whereas the person identification solutions.

Fingerprint Identification Systems

Fingerprint biometrics are obtained upon the full reflection of visible lights by the optical sensors. With the fingerprint identification systems;

• Recording of visitors or staff members with 100% accuracy of authencity identification and try-exit timelines;
• Implementation of staff member roll call or entry-exit control.
• Ensuring obligatory working hours of staff member; and by using the integration system it is impossible to imitate or make a copy of a fingerprint.

Finger vein Recognition Systems

Finger vein biometry is obtained with near infarared reflections. By finger vein recognition;

• The primary biometric feature is that it does not react on the hand surface changes such as burn, cut, sweating etc. And focuses only on a vessel layer.
• Not to be affected by damage that may occur on the skin.
• Verification is provided without any connection.

Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition systems include on an active biometric technology with the ability to recognize knowledgeless people in crowded areas and passing control points. With the developing technology, the facial recognition system can turn a photo or video image into a code that describes the characteristics of the face. This system is also used in a private areas as a afar distance recognition security tool. By Facial Recognition System;

• Knowledgeless recognition without interupting people in a crowded places.
• Recognition without no need of specific motion of the person.
• Extinguish of human-related monitoring errors at the screen.
• Identification and tracking of more than one person from a camera live transition or a video file.

Faciai Identification is an effective biometric technology for the places such as Customs Gates, Border Crossing, Security Audits, Police Departments, Airports and Stadiums which requires the absolute security precautions that has wide area scanning capabilities to ensure inspection and entrance safety.

Advantages of the Facial Recognition Systems;

• Determination at the 99.5% accuracy rate;
• The ability to make 1 million records per day;
• Recording and making description with the less than 3 seconds average time;
• With the minimum affection of mustache, beard, glasses, etc.
• With the minimum affection of different posture aspects;

• Fastest Face Detection and Identification Infrastructure through moving and snapshot analysis/tracking via CCTV System;
• Facial Detection and Identification through recorded videos and wide photo archive.
• The lowest affection rate of mustache, beard, glasses, etc.
• Minimal influences from different facial expressions and makeup differentness.

Face Identification Technology Application Types

With the Face Detection System the person intensity in large areas can be measured and the necessary information can be instantly transferred to the related units.

The KIOSK Solutions that was integrated into the repositories of the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency in Turkey and all of the end user warehouse tracking processes, in which biometric systems are used for the authentication and entry-exit to warehouses, is an information technology governance and traceability system.

The Integrated Biometric Automatic Transit System (BEOGS) is the first and only integrated biometric automatic transit system in Turkey and has been started to be used at Ataturk Airport.

Smart Card Systems.

Our Smart Card System is created for the use in both KIOSK and BEOGS solutions and a specific for the company employees. Also Smart ID Cards can performed as Money transition tool due to the shopping features and the usage in digital environment and between the organizations working under an agreement. At the same time it can also be used in organizations for the access control, entry/exit control, identity control, authority control and parking.

With the privately owned security features it can not be imitated or used by someone else rather than the card owner and prevented by the various security algorithms. Upon one-step identity management software system, all the Access authority of a person can be changed online.


• Flexible and dynamic Infrastructure and Integrated workability specific to each company.
• Inimitable security features.
• High security chip and card design
• Contactless, fast and controlled passing capability.
• Prepay electronic Money transfer

Usage areas:

• In Institutes Corporate Personnel Expenses.
• Entry-exit and passing control,
• Adjusted clothing, fuel, food/beverage,
• Project based wide applicability area.

As the technology advances, cyber threat environment increases which causes traditional protection techniques sufficiency. ARD INFORMATICS is presenting to cyber security with targeted attacks and evolving constant threats.

In addition to Cyber Security Software, whereby the hardware which is installed within the company, it allows to prevent situations like records and ambiance listening.

With the Cyber Security System given to the company besides Information Security Training, it is possible to prevent the threats that may occur beforehand and also provide with the information about what should be done in case of possible threat to get rid of minimum loss.

• Cyber threat Identification System
• Cyber ambient trap detection System
• Data leakage prevention System
• Cyber safety analysis System
• Cyber online Access Security and reporting System
Software provided with our expert team.