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3M Sterilization Tracking System developed and presented by ARD INFORMATICS with the all technological infrastructure, training and supporting needs of the global pharmaceutical business under the 3M Brand partnership.

Avoiding problems such as loss of surgical instruments and confusion of set contents, ensuring errorless and documentation tracking management, sterilization of surgical intruments in a appropriate and healthy way, accurate and healthy establishment for all needs, such as patients surgery and infections liaisons within the technological environment.

It allows to monitor and control all processes of each surgical instrument by using laser barcoding, such as delivery, washing, packaging, sterilization, sterile storage and acceptance from operating room, thereby increasing the productivity of MSU. With the provided service, in terms of hospitals the risk of the sterilization process reduced.

Patient Tracking System developed with the RFID for the patients, enables to match all the procedures and information, such as patients consultation, control and operation information with the wristbands. Thus, all patient-related datas are obtained without disturbing patient’s comfort. With this system, by establishing density analysis of the hospital enables to take measures and meet all the needs of statistical information.
Operative performance is assessed by taking information about the operation and intensive care duration of the patients.

Designed to be suitable for all kind of patients, RFID tags is an important technology element due to the babies safety. By using of antiallergic material, wristbands do not cause any sensitivities on baby’s skin. RFID-based systems, are used for newborn departments to prevent mothers and infant mismatches. By means of trying to remove the wristband in any way, the security module alerts the user by alarming the system.


With RFID technology, all textile products are tagged one by one, and instantly tracked the location and condition through the program or the Internet-based interface in real-time. Textile tracking systems are used in hospitals, hotels and shops. By swithing of the newly purchased textile products with the other products or avoiding undelivery, the expected lifetime and avoiding abnormal loss of the hospital budget.

• RFID labels are selected according to product penetration; Textiles, accessories, home&gift and shoes, different label types are applied on products such these.
• Information on location and quantity of labeled textile products.
• Tracking the number of cycles and wear rates of textile products.
• In case of problems occure in textile products, it is possible to get reports on device’s place, in which floor, operant personnel and time-period.
• Time saving is achieved within the system by counting all products in the seconds.


Tracking of all of the medical equipments by using RFID technology with Asset Tracking and Process Mangement System, storing and processing in digital environment, keeping contemporary reports, instaneous liability transactions implementation, properly calculating depreciation accounts and ensure safe and complete inventory operations.

• Real-time Fixture Management.
• Preparation of reports and statement of charges within seconds.
• Estimation of the fixture erosion, wareout and frazzle.
• Existing warehouse, accounting, etc. by data integration programs with ARD INFORMATICS, provides precise and loseless time-critical business processes.

ARD INFORMATICS presents Warehouse Tracking System developed by our specialist engineers, all of the materials and barcoding of materials with individual data matrix, enables to monitor online final usage, sterilization time and the number of stocks. The Critical Inventory Level Module, warning the materials expiry date and delivered as a warning signal to the unit or the staff. Due to the system, personnel is not allowed to operate with the equipment by ignoring the warning assembly, by making it necessary to operate with it. In addition, despite all warnings, if there are products which expiry date is expired, the system forbid the product to leave the storage and the staff necessarily informed about it. Within warehouse non-sterile or semi-sterilized equipments is equally tracked with a critical inventory.

• Instant monitoring through the Internet.
• With the attached tags its able to observe the amount of containers or product, location, and condition within seconds.
• Unlimited usage by handheld terminals.
• With RFID Labels, the solution performed completely loseless, with a single button click and in one operation.