SAP Mobile Solutions


With today’s technology improvements, the need for information increases even more. Being able to access accurate and reliable information anywhere and anytime provides great convenience to businesses. Companies that use mobile technology increase their competitive power and are able to provide fast response to customer needs.

ARD Informatics has the capacity to prepare the goal-oriented applications in the platform required to meet these needs. Businessses’ automatization requirement in matters such as purchase, production, sales and warehouse management is met via fast and reliable mobile applications. Not only data input is performed through the prepared applications but also analysis outcomes accompanied with visual charts and tables are obtained. Wireless internet, WAP, GPRS and 3G-using applications can be developed over mobile phones that have Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile operating systems, iPhone and any type of PDA and barcode device, hand terminals and RFID devices. Thanks to its experience in system integration field, ARD Infortmatics can integrate the prepared applications to any type of system that you use in the background. This allows businesses to manage business processes regardless of the platform.

Warehouse Automatization Solutions

Warehouses are environments that contain intense material transactions and may cause great problems in the event they are not properly managed. Using mobile devices in a way to detect the locations of the materials in the warehouse, collect the data related to material transactions and obtain material count data makes business processes easier. ARD Informatics developing applications that perform warehouse entrance and departure operations via hand termianals that feature barcode readers and via RFID devices. Easy-to-use applications can be designed using these interfaces created with respect to the needs and demands of the business and any type of goods transaction can be controlled over these applications. Additionally, warehouse count activity that is periodically performed can also be handled fast and securely via mobile applications.