SAP CRM Solutions


One of the methods used by today’s companies to make a difference in the competitive market is to understand the expectations of the customers and offer value to effectively meet these expectations. In this value map, SAP CRM software offers versatile solutions to support business processes in companies’ sales, service and marketing areas.

ARD Informatics’s experienced consulting team has took part in many CRM projects since the release of the first version of SAP CRM and has been carrying out their operations with zero customer complaints. They provide application and development consultancy in the following processes within SAP CRM.

SAP CRM Solutions:

  • CRM Pre-Sales and Sales
  • CRM Service
  • CRM B2B, B2C (Web Channel Experience Management)


Industrial CRM Applications:

  • SAP Trade Promotion Management
  • Funds Management
  • Promotion Planning
  • Claims Management


CRM Mobile Solutions:

  • Tasks List
  • Call Management
  • Spare Part Order Management
  • Tasks List-İş Listesi
  • Technical Notice Management
  • Serial Number Management
  • Tasks List
  • Document Management