Enterprice Software Solutions

ARD INFORMATICS offers a system that ensures monitoring of all processes without an errors, efficiently usage of resources, prevention of fugitives and fast evaluation of data in a secure environment. According to the Global Information Standards ISO 27001 with the ARD INFORMATICS expert staff, creates and performs all the software in accoradance with the information security standards.

With the Corporate Information Management Systems, all the resources of the companys (time, labor force, materials, finance) are used efficiently. Upon this system, records in all units can be kept and all the documents within the organisation is managed. Whether it is the correspondence between the internal units or the correspondence with the other public institutions or organizations, complicated operations are made even easier in setting of the computer convertion of the whole process into a full automation. With this system, organizations are able to make decisions instantly through a directly integrated information management system.

Establishment of user credentials in software systems that are being used in accordance with Identity and Access Management Solutions, updating of the changes within the life-cycle and access to all resources within the organization can be achieved from a single point session by means of Sİngle Sign-On. Upon this solution, people can integrate with existing systems based on their approved and legally compliant identies. In addition to identity management, user’s accession to the system is managed easier and greatly reduces experienced inconveniencies.

With the use of a common single system of new authorization, authorization modification and authorization restriction requests, through this sytem it is possible to transmit the claim quickly to the authorized person who is in charge of approval acceptance. Within the system, accession of released or fired people is removed; there are several precautions that automatically determines the authoriization levels of employees who are promoted or replaced. By means of the security module, the system of approval notifies the upper supervisor if there is any movement determined out of Daily work flow.

The development of different applications for the use of RFID Technologies in the corporate environment enables real-time monitoring of corporate equipments. Whereby wireless system, the cost of cabling eliminated and allows the system to communicate through the existing local wireless network for complex tracking processes.

• Safe time
• Instant Access to Informations
• Provides wireless connection ability
• Can be developed by flexible program structure
• Full audit with powerful reporting system

The corporate equipment tracking system has been developed to track the location and intensity of proactively used equipment within the organization. This system, in which location of objects instantly obtained and also used not only for planning and managing resources, but also for safety of expensive devices.

e-Government projects can be realized by ARD INFORMATICS in Finance, Customs, Geographic, MEB (the ministry of network education) and Legal areas with the expert staff of the field and the infrastructure that contains the latest technology.

Finance Information Systems;
By using advanced information Technologies, it is aimed to carry out business processes in an efficient and productive way in accordance with the e-Government Concept. So that taxpayers will be able to track their tax debts and real estate pay their taxes within the web environment. Budget, accounting transaction, e-billiing and real estate treasury management transactions can be realized through this system.

Customs Information Systems;
It is aimed to provide stakeholders with a compatible, quality and contemporary customs service in accordance with the World trade norms and European Unions custom legislation and the custom administrative organization of used documents and business processes is a targeted structure confession. While designing the targeted structure, technological developments and e-Government criteria are taken into the consideration.

Geographic Information Systems;
Gathering, storing, analyzing, submission and substitution functions according to the geographical bases of the needed information for research, planning and decision making organization is a fullest extent of geographic database, software, hardware, personnel and standards. Geographic Information System is used in various areas such as, urban and regional planning, agriculture, forestry, landscape, geology, defense, security, tourism, local governments, population, education, environment and medicine.

MEB Information System;
Detailed existing position and analysis work needs can be done in coordination with the Ministry of National Education and targeted position for the MEB needs can be revealed by analyzing similar Works. MEB within necessary systems specifies the internal working affairs, improvement of processes and development of educational contents. Technology advances and e-Government criterias are considered while designing targeted structures.

e-Legal Systems;
Web Services and web-based interface for all legal enteties (corporations, foundations, trade unions, political parties, public institutions etc.) and the detailed information accordingly to legal entity types and identies kept in a single center and needers (government agencies, company owners, banks, etc.) is planning to provide an authority securable system.


National Law Network Project, within location of 81 provinces affiliated to Turkish Bar Association, which is the Project that we have carried out with the thousands of lawyers, courts, prosecution officies and the security general directorates which are related to the thousands of general command of gendermaries and police stations.

• The first automated CMK appointment System in the World that provides coordination of lawyers sent by suspect, accused and victims ensured by Bar Associations in Turkey.

• Ensuring the complex workflows and information assets in requirements of Bar Associations resource management by use of lawyers and other users.

• Litigation, debt enforcement proceedings, lawyer bureu attorney, mediation system, CMK appointment, cash desk, case law, legislation, staff and many other different types of modules tracking.

• Accession to the system independently from the platform (computer, mobile device etc.) from anywhere.

• User-friendly interfaces allow all modules (Document Registration, Registry Processes, Trainee Module, License Module etc.) accessability of important transaction pages, important statistic datas upon one button click.

• Within the scope of the Project, as ARD INFORMATICS we provide expert training and counseling team on IT Law, IT Crimes and Forensic training.


With the online Execution Tracking System, lawyers can open lawsuits and execution proceedings (İcraTek) online during working hours. Within the limits of its power it is possible to analyze the open and closed lawsuits and the legal files (with the relevant judge approval of the no power attorney lawsuit files) which has a Proxy in the system. In this context, lawyers;

• Able to make a copy from the lawsuits files,
• With the e-signature, documents can be send to the lawsuits files,
• Accessibility to the lawsuit informations,
• Able to interrogate the days of trial,
• Able to open the new lawsuit file,
• Able to pay online fees and expenses.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology provides a method of a singular and automatic recognition of objects by using radio frequencies. RFID basically comes from a tags and readers. RFID tags can be programmed to receive, store and send object information such as Electronic Product Code (EPC). Information on suply chain management can be automatically recorded or changed as the reader reads the labels placed on the products.

• Instant monitoring over the Internet,
• Via RFID technology it is possible to observe location and condition of every little living or non-living objects,
• Unlimited usage of handheld terminal,
• With RFID labels, the solution performed completely dissipationless in a single breach and in one operation.

RFID based software and integration solutions; Companys are able to benefit from more resources and time. Product warehouses, logistics, security, baggage automation, Access control, production tracking etc. an RFID solutions-based application which is utilized in many spheres.

• Administrative, shipping, materials, preventing the counting error,
• In-house product safety precautions,
• Superior precision control,
• Prevention of mistakes caused by staff,
• Fast performance of inventory, control and tracking function,
• Minimize operating costs,
• Receiving active status reports,
• Tracking of temperature and humidity measurement,
is able to provide lots of advantages such these.

This system applicable to all vehicles, which each of it and each license plate in traffic, by making the identity information more accessible and in terms of communication to transfer the necessary data to all related departments of the government.

With TEDES (Electronic Traffic Control Systems)
• Observing traffic flow and density, controlling and detecting images obtained from vehicle plates by image processing, investigating retrospective records for past events resolution.
• With the smart and advanced reporting methods, establishment of a decision support mechanism to develop rapid and effective measures against the potential adverse consequences.
• In meeting and demonstration march, prevention of illegal events and affecting communities by provocation without injuring the Police-Public Relations, provided by the system.

Container and Logistic Tracking Process Management Systems that are implemented by use of RFID technology in logistics warehouses, and installation of RFID into containers, which provides with the information such as location, shipment time, place of destination and condition by online observation.
In addition to this, the system is equipped with the most suitable technology considering the disaster working conditions. With the Container and Logistic Warehouse tracking system, whereby shipment plans and work orders, due to critical and important business process is provided with the absolute accuracy and loselessness.

• Instant monitoring through the Internet.
• With the attached tags its able to observe the amount of containers or product, location, and condition within seconds.
• Unlimited usage by handheld terminals.
• With RFID Labels, the solution performed completely loseless, with a single button click and in one operation.

With the Warehouse Tracking System modules, it enables instaneous monitoring of all materials and products with the absolute accuracy.

• Stock level warning module; Information such as the stocks data and expiry data of materials in the warehouse are constantly monitored by the system and alerted at critical levels.
• Heat tracking Module; It is possible to control the temperature and humidity level, which matters the heating value in storage and record the information automatically.
• Gate Passing Control Module; With RFID controlled Gate Passing System, it is possible to determine whether there is a difference in the products within the entrance and exit.
• Security Camera System Module; Due to security cameras installed inside and outside the warehouse, it is possible to get informed about which products by which personnel was delivered or received.
• Short Message Service Module; When the quantity of the products in the storage reaches a critical level or when the expiration date approaches, the system sends a short message to the staff.


With RFID technology, all textile products are tagged one by one, and instantly tracked the location and condition through the program or the Internet-based interface in real-time. Textile tracking systems are used in hospitals, hotels and shops.

• RFID labels are selected according to product penetration; Textiles, accessories, home&gift and shoes, different label types applied on products such these.
• Information on location and quantity of labeled textile products.
• Tracking the number of cycles and wear rates of textile products.
• In case of problems occure in textile products, it is possible to get reports on device’s place, in which floor, operant personnel and time-period.
• Time saving is achieved within the system by counting all products in the seconds.


Estate and asset management and tracking by using RFID technology with Asset Tracking and Process Mangement System, storing and processing in digital environment, keeping contemporary reports, instaneous liability transactions implementation, properly calculating depreciation accounts and ensure safe and complete inventory operations.

With the use of RFID technology, it ensures that asset fixture performed accurately, efficiently and quıckly. In addition to these advantages;
• Preparing an automatic liability reports,
• Update and accession to the detailed personnel information,
• Fast and easy fixture record,
• Tracking of fixture history and condition,
• Fast and easy fixation of fixtures,
• Preparing active status reports,
• Effective use of the system with user-friendly menus,
• Mobile-based tracking fixtures.
Performance of fast, errorless and timeless application usage.

The instant determination of location of personnel and visitor in the organization, the entry and exit procedures according to authorization levels and automatically data collection of tracking working hours provided by the system which is developed by RFID technology.

This system includes the identification of people through RFID technology, the recording of the whole life cycle in the organization and the retrospective tracking process. With the automatic data collection technology, location of the personnel and visitor within the organization promptly and aright.
The Staff, Visitor and Person Tracking System helps with any security issues, such as determining of the arising problem’s place and reason imperative statue and meeting the safety and quality criteria of used equipments.

In order to follow all the contents of Internet-based applications such as collecting information via Social Media, with the knowable algorithms, of making emotional analysis, reporting and tracking of Social Media data manipulations, and even reaching the source of fake data. The system is actively used in many public companys.

• Collecting and analyzing data by constantly monitoring social network and categorical resources on the Internet.
• Displaying from which source or communication channel (iphone, android, etc.) messages sent from Social Media.
• Tracking all content of Internet-based applications such as gathering ınformation on the working staff via Social Media.
• Tracking of Social Media data manipulations or even reaching the fake data source.