17020 POLDER (Urban Data Policy Lab: POLicy & Data Exploitation & Re-use)

Recent advances in technology, from wireless sensor networks to big data processing and analysis, are radically changing our cities, by introducing new services for the citizens, and improving existing ones both in terms of efficiency and reduced costs. Urban policy making is a fundamental aspect of such transformation and can benefit from such emerging technologies with new supporting tools and optimized processes. Currently though, policy-making is not benefiting from these developments. This will be addressed in the POLDER project.

The goal of the POLDER project is to design, develop, and deploy a software tool-suite to support governments in the elicitation, design, application and validation of policy making, while providing services to related third parties as well to make the business model viable. Therefore, the market addressed consists of (smart) cities, and urban service providers in domains like logistics, health, energy, and other smart services.

The ITEA POLDER project proposes a hybrid policy-making model, where policy is made data-driven, model-driven and society-driven.

Funding: ITEA 3 CALL 4
Project Calendar: 12.12.2018 – 30.11.2021
Project Total Budget: 10.565.96 k€
ARD Budget: 188.71 k€  

Countries & Partners:

  • TURKEY(ARD Informatics Technologies, Acd Bilgi İşlem Ltd. Şti., ForteArGe Informatics, Engineering, Consultancy Ltd. Co, Mantis Software)
  • SPAIN (Accuro Technology S.l, FCC, Hispavista S.L., JIG Internet Consulting, Nommon Solutions and Technologies S.L., Quobis, SDOS SL, Secmotic Innovation, SOCIAL AND BEYOND S.L., Starflow S.L., TECNOMOVILIDAD S. COOP., TNP PERSONAS, PROCESOS Y PRODUCTOS, SL, Vexiza, Wellness Telecom S.L)
  • ROMANIA (BEIA Consult International, Societatea de Inginerie Sisteme SIS SA)