National Law Network Project (UHAP)

National Law Network Project

National Law Network Project, within location of 81 provinces affiliated to Turkish Bar Association, which is the Project that we have carried out with the thousands of lawyers, courts, prosecution officies and the security general directorates which are related to the thousands of general command of gendermaries and police stations.

• The first automated CMK appointment System in the World that provides coordination of lawyers sent by suspect, accused and victims ensured by Bar Associations in Turkey.
• Ensuring the complex workflows and information assets in requirements of Bar Associations resource management by use of lawyers and other users.
• Litigation, debt enforcement proceedings, lawyer bureu attorney, mediation system, CMK appointment, cash desk, case law, legislation, staff and many other different types of modules tracking.
• Accession to the system independently from the platform (computer, mobile device etc.) from anywhere.
• User-friendly interfaces allow all modules (Document Registration, Registry Processes, Trainee Module, License Module etc.) accessability of important transaction pages, important statistic datas upon one button click.
• Within the scope of the Project, as ARD INFORMATICS we provide expert training and counseling team on IT Law, IT Crimes and Forensic Training.