Logistic Warehouse and Container Tracking System

Logistic Warehouse and Container Tracking System

Container and Logistic Tracking Process Management Systems that are implemented by use of RFID technology in logistics warehouses, and installation of RFID into containers, which provides with the information such as location, shipment time, place of destination and condition by online observation.

In addition to this, the system is equipped with the most suitable technology considering the disaster working conditions. With the Container and Logistic Warehouse tracking system, whereby shipment plans and work orders, due to critical and important business process is provided with the absolute accuracy and loselessness.

  • Instant monitoring through the Internet.
  • With the attached tags its able to observe the amount of containers or product, location, and condition within seconds.
  • Unlimited usage by handheld terminals.
  • With RFID Labels, the solution performed completely loseless, with a single button click and in one operation.

With the Warehouse Tracking System modules, it enables instaneous monitoring of all materials and products with the absolute accuracy.

  • Stock level warning module; Information such as the stocks data and expiry data of materials in the warehouse are constantly monitored by the system and alerted at critical levels.
  • Heat tracking Module; It is possible to control the temperature and humidity level, which matters the heating value in storage and record the information automatically.
  • Gate Passing Control Module; With RFID controlled Gate Passing System, it is possible to determine whether there is a difference in the products within the entrance and exit.
  • Security Camera System Module; Due to security cameras installed inside and outside the warehouse, it is possible to get informed about which products by which personnel was delivered or received.
  • Short Message Service Module; When the quantity of the products in the storage reaches a critical level or when the expiration date approaches, the system sends a short message to the staff.