KIOSK and BEOGS Solutions

KIOSK and BEOGS Solutions

The KIOSK Solutions that was integrated into the repositories of the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency in Turkey and all of the end user warehouse tracking processes, in which biometric systems are used for the authentication and entry-exit to warehouses, is an information technology governance and traceability system. The Integrated Biometric Automatic Transit System (BEOGS) is the first and only integrated biometric automatic transit system in Turkey and has been started to be used at Ataturk Airport.

Smart Card Systems

Our Smart Card System is created for the use in both KIOSK and BEOGS solutions and a specific for the company employees. Also Smart ID Cards can performed as Money transition tool due to the shopping features and the usage in digital environment and between the organizations working under an agreement. At the same time it can also be used in organizations for the access control, entry/exit control, identity control, authority control and parking.
With the privately owned security features it can not be imitated or used by someone else rather than the card owner and prevented by the various security algorithms. Upon one-step identity management software system, all the Access authority of a person can be changed online.

Usage Areas,

• In institutes Corporate Personnel Expenses.
• Entry-exit and passing control,
• Adjusted clothing, fuel, food/beverage,
• Project based wide applicability area.


• Flexible and dynamic Infrastructure and Integrated workability specific to each company.
• Inimitable security features.
• High security chip and card design
• Contactless, fast and controlled passing capability.
• Prepay electronic Money transfer