Into The Arena

19005 Into The ARENA: Management of Emergencies at Large Events

Into the Arena (Arena) is a proposed ITEA project touching 3 strategic areas: Smart Health, Smart Cities, and Mobility. Into the Arena is to support large events in stadiums, where tens of thousands of visitors enjoy a concert, a sports match, a dance festival. There is a growing event industry worldwide faced with the challenge of handling emergency within masses of people, looking for smart solutions. Massive events require medical assistance from hospitals nearby the location of the event to deal with the medical emergencies. The project has use cases in the Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium, Turkey and Canada. The consortium contains both technical and business partners and is capable to develop and exploit the required concepts. Arena’s goal is to handle emergencies despite the very complex environment in such a way that diagnosis can be done by a remote specialist of he hospital within minutes, using all kinds of available data and smart analysis thereof available through the Arena system. The right treatment can already be delivered on site, or start in the ambulance. Transportation has to be facilitated in a smart way as well for instance by using the light installation. The goal of the project is to develop and start exploiting this system. The Arena system will determine the best operational options by combining intelligently data from multiple data sources.