19038 DOMONOID Domotics for Independent Living

Independent living for the aging population is a major challenge in healthcare, with many caregivers and care organizations in Europe becoming more and more overburdened with the increasing amount and complexity of health complaints, especially among the elderly population. Technical solutions have been proposed to mitigate some of these burdens, but current domotics solutions often only address a small part of the problem. There is a growing need for technology which integrates various smart home devices and software to be able to learn from the data each device collects, create a holistic image of the occupant, and is easy to use for the elderly resident, taking into account the various health problems they might have. The goal of DOMONOID is to create such an infrastructure, which unites domotics, interfaces, sensor technology, and the user to support independent living.

DOMONOID aims to impact the healthcare market by offering unified solutions for some of the largest health problems facing the elderly population today. With these solutions, elderly people can enjoy a higher quality of life with a lower overall care requirement, and live independently for as long as possible. The solutions are designed to grow with the user and anticipate changing needs over time, creating a home environment which is able to carry part of the burden of care normally borne by informal caregivers. DOMONOID goes beyond the technical state-of-the-art by uniting different technology solutions to optimally support complex health problems facing the elderly population. The goal of the project is to create the first open platform for domotics and other technologies which facilitate independent living and healthy aging (aging-in-place). By combining data and insights from multiple vectors, the system can get a holistic view of a resident’s daily patterns, disease and symptom progression, and actual status, and use this information to provide optimal conditions for daily tasks and independent living, inform caregivers in case of exceptions, and provide detailed information to help clinical professionals make better decisions.

The DOMONOID consortium consists of industry leaders, clinical and academic partners, as well as institutions and SMEs from the Netherlands, Turkey, Spain, Belgium, and Finland, and is well connected to national healthcare networks such as the National eHealth Living Lab in the Netherlands, and University Hospitals and Health Care Support Departments of Municipalities in Turkey. This makes the consortium uniquely suited to reach the desired technical and business ambition level of the project.


Funding: ITEA 3 CALL 6
Project Calendar: 01.10.2020 – 01.10.2023
Project Total Budget: 6.589.29 k€
ARD Budget: 345.00 k€  

Countries & Partners:

  • TURKEY(ARD BİLİŞİM TEKNOLOJİLERİ, ELAA Technology, Golive Bilisim Hizmetleri Limited Sirketi, Kafein Technology Solutions, Profen Group, SESTEK A.S., VeriUs Teknoloji Ltd.Şti)
  • NETHERLANDS (Almende BV, IMEC-NL, Maastricht University, MedVision360 BV, RO groep)