Quality Certifications

The Defense Industry of the Republic of Turkey by National Security Authority Act No. 5202 and the NATO Security Instructions with the current legislation regulating the activities related to the defense industry mainly in the said facilities are made according to Facility Security Regulations. In the audit conducted, it has been determined that the measures and practices qualify to protect existing confidential information, documents, projects, materials and equipment in accordance with the Private FacilitySecurity Handbook prepared by the organization.ge, proje, malzeme ve teçhizatı korumaya yönelik önlemlerin ve uygulamaların yeterli olduğu tespit edilmiştir.

After undergoing the rigorous process of attaining the ISO/IEC 15504 certificate, SPICE (Software Process Improvement Cabability Determination), which is an assessment model that prioritizes the processes of Informatics Engineering, the ARD GROUP has achieved to be amongst the few firms to hold this certification in Turkey.

A globally accepted form of quality management system that envisages increasing customer satisfaction by meeting customer expectations, needs and regulatory requirements.

A management system developed for the systematic reduction of the damages that businesses give or may cause to the environment, and eliminating them when possible.

In light of the legal legislation on occupational health and safety, this system creates and manages a healthy, safe working environment by eliminating or minimizing the risks in question.

A management system involving software development, software integration, and system integration.

A senior management approved system that ensures the safety of corporate information, including people, processes, and information systems.

This certification ensures services provided to consumers comply with the relevant Turkish Standard or criteria.

  • TSE 13242: Authorized services
  • TSE 12498: Authorized Services – Computers and Peripherals
  • TSE 13149: Workplaces – Providing Software Services – General Principles
  • TSE 12540: Authorized Services – For devices used in security systems – Rules

Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards; Indicating the conformity of the mentioned products of the companies that are entitled to obtain Competency Certificates concerning Turkish Standards and the product’s variety, class, type and version that will be issued on behalf of the company that has been granted the right to use the TSE brand by contract. This is a document that is valid for a period of one year.

It has been inspected in accordance with the law no 5201 on the inspection of industrial establishments producing War Vehicles and Equipment, Weapons, Ammunition and Explosives. In the “List of War Vehicles and Equipment to be Controlled Pursuant to Law No: 5201 and Weapons, Ammunition and Spare Parts, Military Explosives, Related Technologies” published in the Official Gazette dated 07 June 2018 and numbered 30444; It is acknowledged that the Production Permit is given for “all kinds of military and national security software” within the scope of Article 8.f.

It is a holistic management system that defines the potential threats to an organization and the effects of these threats on business operations if they occur, and constitutes the main framework of building a corporate resilience that will have an intervention capacity to protect the interests, reputation, brand and value creation activities of the organization’s main stakeholders.